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Nano Reef Care

Setting up a nano reef tank right from the start is only the first step to keeping a successful nano reef. As any pet or critter, it will need your love and (in this case) nano reef care. This doesn’t mean you have to take out your fish for an occasional hug ūüôā , but you will need to put in some work to keep all your critters happy and your tank in a healthy condition.

Put in a little extra effort and you will be rewarded with a¬†tank that’s absolutely thriving, who doesn’t want that?!

Nano Reef Care Water Change

Daily, weekly and monthly schedule

It will make your life a lot easier if you plan your maintenance schedule with daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks. As with most maintenance tasks, if you do them regularly it will only take you a couple of minutes at a time and following this schedule will make it into a habbit, which will make the less fun tasks easier to do. Stick with it!

Daily tasks are for example:
– feeding fish
– cleaning glas
–¬†visual checkup

Weekly tasks could be:
– cleaning the skimmer cup
– water changes
–¬†test water parameters

And montly tasks:
– trim corals
– check dosing tubes
– clean flowing pumps

Check this page regularly to find everything you need to know about the daily care of your nano reef.

The Mister Nano Reef Care program

If you have your own unique maintenance habbits or great tips, feel free to share it with me and the community by dropping a note below!