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How to feed saltwater fish, a quick video guide

By January 25, 2017October 11th, 2017Reef Care, Reef Critters

To keep your fish happy and healthy, it is important to keep them well fed. As this isn’t always easy with a combination of slower and faster eating fish, and with some species needing extra help to start accepting or even recognizing certain types of food, it is best to develop a feeding routine.

So to mix it up, I recorded this video of my tank and critters on how to feed saltwater fish. I hope you like it!

Feeding frozen food

When it comes to food, I prefer to work with frozen food. In my experience this results in a healthier reef tank compared to working with processed food. Another advantage is the fact that ALL your critters love it; your crabs, fish, clams and corals, you can all feed them at once. There are so many varieties like mysis, cyclops, brine shrimp, fish eggs,… but my favorite is definitely “lobster eggs” as this is specifically useful for the smaller animals in our nano reefs.

Feeding happens once a day and while I feed the tank inhabitants, I turn of all equipment (except for the lights and heaters) so it is easier to do targeted feeding. It also prevents the food from being sucked out by the skimmer directly.

Let me know in the comments below what your feeding routine is and what you think of the video!
Enjoy your meal 🙂

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  • Grace says:

    I loved the video and didn’t know to turn off the pump to feed saltwater fishes, that’s a great idea. I will sure prevent the food from being sucked away and allow you to feed the areas you’d like. Thanks for these ideas and great video!

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