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Nano Reef Critters

Nano reef critters, creatures, livestock, water aliens,… there’s a lot of ways to call our tank inhabitants. And there are a lot of species and kinds¬†out there. We haven’t even begun to discover the tip of the iceberg, so as ocean lovers (I guess most “reefers” are) it are quite exciting times… all the time. ūüôā

But what kinds and species are ok to put in a saltwater tank, or more precisely, a nano reef tank? Let’s find out!

White Blenny Fish

A little bit of everything

Fish, crustaces, coral, snails, worms (yes, worms),… they all live in harmony in the ocean. But our aquariums are a bit smaller and there’s not a lot of ways to go if they don’t feel happy or stressed. That’s why I believe it’s very important to get to know¬†the species you are planning to put in your tank very well¬†before¬†making the actual purchase.

– Is it compatible with your current inhabitants?
– Is your tank big enough?
– Does your aquascape fulfill the basic needs of this specific species?

These are only a couple of questions you should ask yourself. If you don’t do any research before a purchase, things can go really bad, really quick.

In the near future, this page will provide an overview of compatible nano reef inhabitants, as well as the¬†critters in my tank with some extra info why exactly I chose these specific species. If you’re a loyal follower of my Instagram account, you’ll be happy to hear you will get a bit of background information and characteristics of your favorite Mister Nano Reef inhabitants! ūüôā

Your first critters




What is your favorite coral? Do you have a specific problem with one of your inhabitants or you just have some funny stories to share about your annoying hermit crabs? Get in touch!